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Strider Fansite Graveyard

Hell Fire Club.
I wish I could've figured out this guy's Javascript.

Magic Capsule's Strider Room.
Nicely designed, has some good fanart.

I don't know much about the author of this site. You judge for yourself.

Kouji Sasamoto's Burning Force.
This site was well worth the look around. He could draw like you wouldn't believe, and had information on almost every piece of Strider merchandise that ever existed. I think of all the sites that are dead and gone, I miss his the most.

S. Kirisima's Strider Hien Shrine.
This person had theories on all kinds of stuff, like how cyphers work. Also had some decent fanart.

Cipher {the Strider (series) Fanlisting}.
A directory of Strider otaku and their websites.

Strider Squad X.
This site disappeared and reappeared at random. It wasn't a completely Strider-oriented site, but it was definitely Strider-themed. This guy's layout was so good, it made me want to break his hands.

Strider: Body Weapon.
The official site for the (still?) in-development MUGEN Strider game.

The Strider Zone.
Neostrider, why? Why'd you tease us by coming back, only to leave again?

[mezzanine] NES Strider Page.
The original NES Strider page.

The Strider Project.
A promising Strider page that died before it even caught on.

Strider Cypher.
Had some good Strider fanart, back in the day.

Strider: Legends - The Origins of the Super-Ninja Clan.
The only English-language Strider fanfiction site I've ever found. It sucked.

This Japanese site's author sure could draw some great doujinshi. Now, if only I could've read Japanese fluently...

Strider Hiryu Fan Club.
This site is dead. Completely dead. Deader than Mezzanine. But it was a good example of how a Strider fan club should look, so I'm really sad it's gone.

Delusion Area.
Aside from being the guy who did the manga preview on Agrios' site, this guy gave me his copy of the manga. Gave it to me. I'll never forget that.

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