Contact Me

On LSCM 3.0 and earlier, there was a mailto attached to this link. That proved to be a bad idea. On the new LSCM, this page is in place to weed out the spambots. I like hearing from any readers, because those emails are few and far between. Still, here's a few guidelines to follow when contacting me:

  1. Search the LSCM thoroughly first. I'd prefer not to re-answer questions I know I've answered on my site.
  2. Put "ATTN: LSCM webmaster" or "Strider" in the subject line. It'll help Gmail distinguish your real emails from the spam clogging my inbox.
  3. Be patient. I'm very busy, as you can probably tell by the sporadic, infrequent updates I make to this site, so I most likely will not get to your email for a couple of days.

If you accept these terms, then by all means, email me here: